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How to use Whatsapp Application in Android

How to use Whatsapp Application in Android - Application cross platform chat the end – the end is back booming among gadget lovers Indonesia. If the BlackBerry BBM becoming the mainstay weapon, then WhatsApp became one of a fairly successful chat application on Android. Despite the current cross-platform chat applications popping up recently, it seems a good cross-platform features, simple and fast connection makes WhatsApp is still a favorite application in the world. Unfortunately, most users applications WhatsApp is not too utilize a variety of features to the maximum. But there are some tips and tricks application WhatsApp for Android which can be utilized so that the use of Android apps is more optimally.

Application of WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging application that uses the 3 g connection or WiFi to communicate without having to pay. Using WhatsApp, you can chat, file sharing, and others. For those of you who use WhatsApp in the Android platform, there are several tips and tricks application WhatsApp for Android which can be applied. What are that?

How to use Whatsapp Application in Android

Voice Notification

Unlike the Blackberry, most Android smartphone does not have LED to such notification. As for notifications, most smartphones only rely on sound notification. With WhatsApp application Tips and tricks here can maximize the features of voice notification.

You may wish to give special attention to the chat that came from a particular person or group. So that immediately caught the incoming chat coming from anyone, you can choose a special notification sound when chat is coming from a specific person or group.

You can begin to set up notifications for a group on whatsapp beforehand. After signing in to whatsapp, go into the menu settings. Tab notification button. Go to the notification group. Then the notification tone button tab. Select a notification sound that you want.

In the same section, you can specify whether a notification will either be given enough votes alone or simultaneously with the vibration and flashing lights with a certain color? The latter depends from which phone you have because not all phones feature a notification light.

After signing in to whatsapp, go into the menu settings. Tab notification button. Go to the Message notifications. Then Activate the option Contact ringtone. You can directly contact the settings in Your Android smartphone. Tab contact name who wanted to set up to have a special ringtone. Tab of the edit menu. Then select the desired ringtone.

Block Certain Contacts

Freedom in cyberspace sometimes give it positive and negative. Often the contact number of your property fell into the hands of people not responsible then many sending spam in the form of chat via WhatsApp. Of course this is very annoying and distracting. You do not need to worry because WhatsApp application Tips and tricks here could do blocks against users who you don't like. The trick is relatively easy.

Run the whatsapp application. Enter the menu and select settings and then select the contacs. Tab menud Blocked contacts. Tab button at the top right to add the contact to your list of blocked. Select the contact you want to diblock.

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If You accidentally do a block against the number that should not be blocked again, repeat the steps above, and then tab and hold contact numbers to "liberated" and select Unblock [contact name].

Chat With Unique Text

The type of font used on the application is a standard font type WhatsApp. When you want to perform is different, you can use a special font effects with text. This trick is not innately WhatsApp actually but use a special application called Fancy Text Generator.

That needs to be done, download the Fancy Text Generator application from Google Play Store and then run the application. Type the text in places available and at the bottom will be shown a list of texts that have been given effect. Tab button on the right side of one of the texts that have been given effect to copy it into the clipboard.

Run the WhatsApp and do a paste into the box that is used to write the text. The text has been copied earlier will be displayed there complete with its effect. The Send button to send the tab text.

Basically the Fancy Text Generator application output last is universal, so it's not intended specifically for WhatsApp only. The output of the Fancy Text Generator can also be used on other chat mobile application

To be able to use the whatsapp application in the android, you must download whatsapp application it first, so please download whatsapp apps through the link above.
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