Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to Create a WhatsApp Account | Free WhatsApp tutorials

Create a WhatsApp Account - Talk about how to list the actual whatsapp I have never done it, but it's the first time the application of this new launch whatsapp but I wasn't too interested because at that time how to use whatsapp application still not easy, user whatsapp still rarely so hard to make friends, in contrast to other applications such as blackberry messenger and facebook, but this time the situation is different, the application already whatsapp in the latest version are getting increasingly sophisticated and easy to use, features features ever more fully, and this application is also available for various types of smartphones such as the iphone/ios, android, blackberry and nokia, even if a friend wants to use the latest version of whatsapp application please download the application by clicking the link below
Download whatsapp all device
To be able to use all features and enjoy whatsapp application, whatsapp application must have in addition itself we must also create an account ID, and for creating an account id whatsapp is certainly very easy and free, in addition, to make this account does not need email whatsapp because you can register whatsapp uses your phone number.

Before discussing more about how to create your account whatsapp, there may be some from my friend who was curious about what that whatsapp, so here a bit I will explain that whatsapp is cross platform social networking applications that use internet data connection to send a message to fellow users whatsapp, either in the form of text messages, voice messages, pictures or videos with high speeds, with the application of whatsapp you can also do video calls. One thing to be an excess of applications compared with this whatsapp social networking is the absence of any advertising on this application, and the absence of these ads make applications whatsapp very light and have high speed access in time.

Back to the subject matter of discussion. Once you understand what it is like to have also of course whatsapp account whatsapp to establish communication with users whatsapp, and how to whatsapp register just check out the following stages

How to Create a WhatsApp Account | Free WhatsApp tutorials

How to create/register whatsapp account

Creating an account is of course whatsapp application via whatsapp itself, so please go to applications already installed on whatsapp your smartphone and on the home page will look the look of welcome

  • The image that appears on the home page could have been different, the need to do is click on the writings of AGREE and PROCEED to go into whatsapp application page
  • For the part of the State will be loaded automatically, depending on the country where you are applying. Enter your mobile phone number in the phone number without the 0 at the start with since it was already replaced with + country code 62 as indonesia. Next click continue and go to the next stage
  • Make sure the number you entered is correct. Click EDIT if you want to override and click OK if it is correct
  • You will receive an sms in the form of 6-digit verification code in the number in use to sign up, enter the verification code in the field provided and verification will run automatically
  • The name that appears is usually in customize with your smartphone, but the account name can be replaced in accordance with the wish. Next click continue

Whatsapp account registration is completed. Now you can replace your whatsapp account profile photo, the trick is as follows

  • Click an existing three-point icon at the top right corner
  • Click settings to enter your profile
  • Click the pencil icon
  • Click the camera icon and then select the photo that you want to use as your profile photo account whatsapp
  • Last click OK

To be with whatsapp on android is very easy and I'm sure you will soon be able to do it, but if you feel you need a tutorial on how to use whatsapp, you can find out how by clicking on the following link
How to use Whatsapp Application in Android
May be useful and thank you already read the article How to Create a WhatsApp Account | Free WhatsApp tutorials. Good Luck